Unit 1 Essential Question
How can Biologically Inspired Design be used with the Engineering Design Process to create unique solutions to problems?
Week 2 Overview
Learning Objectives
Design reviews are a way of getting feedback on a candidate's solution to a design problem.
Engage 5 min

View Slides: 1.2.4. BID Ideation

  • You are trying to design and make a necklace inspired from nature.
  • What organism would you look to for inspiration? Why?

  • List 3 things/organisms from nature that could inspire a necklace. Sketch at least two ideas.
  • Class Discussion on what students brainstormed
Explain 5 min

Design Evaluation Criteria

Explore 15 min (Group)

Preparing for Design Presentation

  • You will plan a short “pitch” for the final design concept—it can be bullet points for speaking or a single powerpoint slide, to accompany your final drawing so that your design concept can be shared with the class. Your “pitch” should be about 3 min.
Engage/Evaluate 30 min (Group)


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