BIRDEE Unit 2 Overview

Unit 2 is broken into two parts - an Explore BID and a Design Challenge. In this unit, students focus on solution-driven Biologically Inspired Design.

Unit 2 Essential Question

How can I analyze systems in nature and apply my understanding to build a more sustainable world?

Student Learning Goals
Students will...
Understand the role of teamwork in the engineering design process
Analyze and understand systems in nature
Analyze structure, form, and mechanism of a biological object
Derive a problem from analysis
Create biological analogies to inspire unique solutions to a design problem
Engage in the EDP to solve complex problems
Preserve natural systems and legacy

Explore BID

Weeks 1-3

Students learn about organisms that use suction, lift, and grasp. They will use SFM to analyze these organisms, and 4-Box to derive requirements.  Information learned will provide background knowledge & inform the ideation component of the Design Challenge.

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2.3.2. Low-Fi Mechanical Lever
2.3.4. Mechanical Hand
Inquiry Stations
2.3.5. Robotic Arm Stations
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