BIRDEE's curriculum integrates student learning and documentation of the Engineering Design Process (EDP) through an electronic version of an EDP log/notebook, or EDPL.

Teacher Account Set-Up

Note: District admin should set up your school.

  1. Create a new teacher account (only after district admin has set up your school).
  2. Go to website and click “Create New Account” (upper right).
  3. The default page will be shaded blue and say “I’m a student” at the top.

    On the right side you will see a green “Are you a Teacher?” bar.

  4. Click the “I’m a Teacher” button.
  5. The screen should slide and appear green.

  6. Enter the requested information.
  7. At the bottom there will be a box to Join Group.

  8. Enter the 8-digit code provided by your district admin.
  9. Click “Create New Account” button at bottom of page
Blank Space (small)
(text and background only visible when logged in)
Create a Workgroup (Class)

Note: Teachers will add each class that will be using the EDPL as a workgroup. Once created, an 8 digit join code will be generated to share with students.

  1. Log into your EDPL account.
  2. Click on your institution.
  3. Under “Create Content” click Workgroup, to create a new class.
  4. Complete the information, Class name (Title) and description (may add your initials).
  5. Click save.
  6. You will now be back at your workgroup list.

  7. Click on the class (workgroup) you just created.
  8. You will see a unique 8-digit code for that class period.

  9. Record the Group Registration code.
  10. Share the Group Registration code with students in order to join the workgroup.
Class Period Group Registration Code
Blank Space (small)
(text and background only visible when logged in)
Additional Resources

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