BIRDEE Unit 2 Overview

Unit 2 is broken into two parts - an Explore BID and a Design Challenge. In this unit, students focus on solution-driven Biologically Inspired Design.

Unit 2 Essential Question

How can I analyze systems in nature and apply my understanding to build a more sustainable world?

Design Challenge

Weeks 4-7

During the second part of the unit, students will select a problem, apply what they have learned, and create a compound analogy to help them design a solution. EDP is emphasized and EDPL is updated daily.

Student Learning Goals
Students will...
Understand the role of teamwork in the engineering design process
Analyze and understand systems in nature
Analyze structure, form, and mechanism of a biological object
Derive a problem from analysis
Create biological analogies to inspire unique solutions to a design problem
Engage in the EDP to solve complex problems
Preserve natural systems and legacy
2.4.1. Identify a Problem

EDPL: ID an organism and ideate a problem
2.4.2. Research & Specify the Problem

EDPL: Understand & Research Notes
2.4.3. Research & Specify the Problem

EDPL: Understand & Research Notes
2.4.4. Evaluate Analogy using T-Chart

EDPL: Understand & Research Notes
2.4.5. Evaluate & Present

EDPL: Understand & Research Notes