Week 1 Learning Goals
Model how to use tools to analyze a grasshopper
Identify and evaluate a problem
Week 1 Overview
Learning Objectives
Students will learn about the Unit 2 focus, Essential Question and Learning Goals. In this lesson, they will also:
  • Review BID + EDP tools and processes
  • Understand the connection between the natural world as a source of inspiration for technological innovation in the built world.
  • Understand BID and its connection to Engineering and sustainability.
Before the Lesson
Engage 5 min

View Image: Burdock Seed

Play Video: Natural Velcro

View Slides: 2.1.1. BID WOW: Velcro

Explain 15 min (Presentation)

View Slides: 2.1.1. Unit 2 Intro and EDP/BID Review Slides

Student Activity embedded in Slides: 15 min (Individual/Group)

  • What is Bio Inspired Design?
  • Students will have 5 minutes to create a definition (individually or in groups) and post their definition on the linked Padlet.

    Teacher Note/Options: Teachers can do this whole group via discussion and write the responses on the smartboard, or work in small groups/Think-Pair-Share, to have students develop a definition which will be shared. Final Definition should be posted in the classroom.

  • Sample BID Definition
  • BID is the study of biological systems and functions that have the potential to be adapted for use to solve challenges faced by humans.

    BID is finding solutions to design problems by emulating the natural world. This is done through the imitation of nature's forms, processes and ecosystems to more effectively and sustainably meet design challenges.

Elaborate 10 min (Whole Group Discussion)

What is the relationship between nature and engineering?

During our unit, we will use BID’s unique approach to research and design that can ultimately lead to sustainable, profitable technologies that increase revenues, mitigate risk, and reduce costs.

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