Week 2 Learning Goals
Explore and Analyze Systems in Nature
Week 2 Overview
Learning Objectives
Students will work in pairs to explore different organisms that attach using suction. They will select one organism to conduct focused research using the linked resources provided. Students will complete the 2.2.1. Organism Profile handout, which will guide their investigation. Part 1, focuses on general information about the organism and its environment. Part 2 focuses on suction/clamping.

Teacher Note: This lesson is scaffolded to prompt students to find the information necessary to conduct an SFM analysis (during the next class) and 4 Box Method for Problem Specification.

Before the Lesson
Engage Post on Smartboard

For the next two weeks we are going to explore different biological systems. We will work together to explore suckers and muscles and bones to understand structures and functions.

You will then identify a solution and related problem from what you understand about the systems that you will be able to solve using the EDP and EDPL.

View Image: GIF image of Octopus

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Explain 10 min

Organism Research

In biology and ecology, an organism (Greek organon = instrument) is an organized, individual living system.

  • Animals (all multicellular animals)
  • Plants (all green plants)
  • Fungi (mold, mushrooms, yeast)
  • Protists (Amoeba, Chlorella and Plasmodium)
  • Prokaryotes (bacteria, blue-green algae)

Today you will work in pairs to explore organisms that attach by suction or clamping. You will choose one of the organisms below to conduct focused research and complete an organism Profile. The 2.1.1. Organism Profile handout, will guide your investigation, which will be shared during the next class.

View Slides: 2.1.1. Things that Suck Research Sandbox Slides

Common Limpet (Foot), (has Teacher Key)

  • Rock Climbing Goby (has Teacher Key)
  • Net Winged Midge Larvae (has Teacher Key)
  • Northern Clingfish (also a Goby)
  • Leeches
  • Diving Beetles
  • Octopus
  • Remora

View Image: Ecosystem

View Organizer: 2.1.1. Organism Profile Part 1

Part 1: Organism Information and Environment

Focuses on general information about the organism, its ecosystem (community), habitat, and ecological niche (role the organism plays in a community.) You will sketch and label the basic anatomy of the organism.

View Organizer: 2.1.1. Organism Profile Part 2

Part 2: Organism Suction/Clamping information

Focuses on the organism’s suction and clamping using guided questions. You will sketch a “zoom-in” view of the organism's suction/clamp anatomy.

Explore 40 min (Paired with a Partner)

Students will work in pairs to complete the Organism Profile. Save your work and bring your completed profile to our next class.

Note: there are several options for student choice - including which organism to research, choosing a partner, and how they would like to accomplish the task (i.e. split up Parts 1 and 2, research/sketch, etc.). Alternatively, teachers can intentionally pair up students, who will then agree on which organism to research.

*Could be added to EDPL later depending on problem selection.

Student Handouts
2.2.1. Organism Profile Resource Sandbox. Organizer with guiding questions, prompt for summary in research section of EDPL
Student Materials
Student or classroom devices will be needed for research
Instructional Slides & Materials
Web Resources