Week 2 Learning Goals
Explore and Analyze Systems in Nature
Week 2 Overview
Learning Objectives
Students will conduct an SFM analysis of their chosen organism using information from the 2.2.1. Organism Profile they completed in the previous class. Students will share their research with another group and will learn about that group’s organism. Students will compare and contrast how different organisms suction and clamp.
Before the Lesson
Engage Post on Smartboard

Sit with your partner and get out your completed 2.1.1. Organism Profile

Explain 5 min

View Organizer: SFM

During our last class, you worked in pairs to explore organisms that attach by suction or clamping. Today you will use this information to identify the Structure, Function, and Mechanism of your organism, which will enable you to fully understand the suction/clamping system, what the different parts are and how they work together. When time is called, you and your partner will share your findings with 2 different groups (with different organisms).

Explore 15 min (Paired with a Partner)

Organism SFM

View Handout: 2.2.2. Organism SFM

Working with your partner, complete the SFM of the suction/clamping system of your organism.

Elaborate 25 min

Jigsaw Pair-Share

Play Video: 5-minute Timer

You will have 5 minutes to share your SFM/Organism Profile with another group. When the timer goes off, that group will have 5 minutes to share their SFM/Organism Profile. While you are learning about the other group’s organism, think about the following:

  • How are the organisms similar?
  • How are they different?

Teacher Note: After ~10 minutes, have the groups rotate and share their organism with another group.

Student Handouts
Student Materials
2.2.1. Organism Profile completed in the previous class.
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