Week 3 Learning Goals
Explore biomechanics of the human body
Week 3 Overview
Learning Objectives
Students will investigate how an engineered interpretation of the hand works by building a low fidelity hand out of cardboard. Students can work in pairs or individually. This lesson will form a basis of understanding of the mechanics that will be studied further with the robot arm in lesson 2.3.5.
Before the Lesson

Students can get to work after hook.

Note: Allow students to do this on their own and work through any problems.

Hook 5 min

How can we use what we know about how the hand works to create an engineered model?

Today you will investigate this by creating a mechanical hand out of cardboard.

Activity 45 min
Reflection 10 min

Class Discussion:

Compare and contrast their hand to the mechanical hand using a venn diagram.

Student Handouts
Student Materials
Student Device
Cardboard (Cereal box size or bigger)
Bendy Straws
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks
Instructional Slides & Materials
Teacher Resources
Web Resources