Week 1 Learning Goals
Model how to use tools to analyze a grasshopper
Identify and evaluate a problem
Week 1 Overview
Learning Objectives
Students will research the problem and use the 4-Box method to help them scaffold and frame their problem. The 4-box method for problem specification emphasizes four elements of good problem formulation: function, environment (including conditions, users, and time), specification (including materials and dimensions), and performance. Students will conduct research in teams by assigning a category to each group. The teacher will lead the class in completing the 4-Box chart, which will be used in the next class to evaluate the analogy.

Problem Statement:

The physical effort involved in casting a fishing rod is not able to be performed by some people, can cause injury, and is not always effective at reaching the proper distance.

Before the Lesson
Explain 40 min (Presentation & Discussion)

View Slides: 2.1.4. Research and Specify the Problem Slides

View the presentation that begins with

  • Review of the solution driven process.
  • Use the 4-Box method to define the 4 elements of good problem formulation.
  • Research the problem in groups by category for 15 minutes.
  • Lead by the teachers, work together as a class to complete the 4-box for the problem on the Smartboard.
  • A Teacher guide is included in the last slide to help teachers guide the discussion.

View Guide: 2.1.4. Problem 4-Box Teacher Guide

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