Week 1 Learning Goals
Model how to use tools to analyze a grasshopper
Identify and evaluate a problem
Week 1 Overview
Learning Objectives
Students will evaluate the appropriateness of inspiration from the grasshopper leg and specify requirements for the problem of an easier and more effective casting fishing rod. Students will discuss the major challenges when trying to match biology to a problem.
Explain 40 min

View Slides: 2.1.5. Evaluate the Analogy

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  • Review Identifying the Problem
  • Review 4-Box Method for Problem Specification
  • Discuss using the 5 Key Points of Failure of the Design Problem with the Biological Analogue
  • Is Biological Analogy a good fit for the Design Problem?
    • Think about Scale
    • Compare functions
    • Compare environment

5 Key Failure Points

  • Environment: Is there any difference in the environment that would cause the bio solution to not work for the problem?
  • Material: Can I simulate the material?
  • Scale (Performance): Does it operate at the same performance level?
  • Scale (Size): Is it the same size as the solution requires?
  • Function: Does it do what the problem needs to have done?

View Organizer: 2.1.2. Organism SFM and 4 Box - Grasshopper

Explain 10 min

The teacher will explain the importance of analyzing the appropriateness of the analogy between biology and nature. The teacher will explain that nature can inspire ideas without being directly related to the function of the idea and/or problem.

If your problem doesn't come from the bio - it is ok to say my bio understanding was misguided?

YES!- now you need to go find a better bio match: it can be better problem the system can address OR a different bio analogue.

What is your plan?

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